Posted by: pberry | September 22, 2009

Mike Greenberg isn’t That Guy

This morning on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike, Mike Greenberg unloaded on Redskins rookie linebacker Robert Henson this morning. Watch it here.

Greeny nailed the take. Players need to remember who they are playing for. But more impressive than the vein popping out of Greeny’s neck was the way he conducted himself after the rant.

He was embaressed.

He tried to downplay it.

Even though everyone was lauding him for ‘manning up’, he wanted to move on.

Why? With everyone cheering, why not run with it? I can’t say for sure, but here’s my hunch:

Mike Greenberg doesn’t want to be That Guy.

That Guy comes to the mic each day with a stack of things to yell about. He sits in front of the camera, looks you in the eye, and tells you who to blame. He sits atop the highest horse in the land throwing the rest of us morsels of anger to feed on until tomorrow when we all tune in again.

That Guy goes into each day looking for a fight.

Mike Greenberg isn’t That Guy.

Talk radio is full of That Guy. Talk radio, be it sports or politics or religion, is defined by the rant. “This is what’s wrong with your team, or your world, or your worldview, or just plain you.” It defines our debates on issues.

Greeny’s rant worked because it wasn’t cooked up. It was authentic. He didn’t go into the production meeting and ask, “What can I explode about today?” It was something he was personally passionate about and it interfered with his professionalism. In small doses, it’s exactly what the world needs.

Give me less of That Guy and more of Mike Greenberg.

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