Posted by: pberry | August 28, 2009

Fantasy Tip of the Day: Heath Miller up on blocks The first season I played Fantasy Football, I had backups for everyone. Tight End, Defense, Kicker, you name it. I think I had a back up owner so that I could have a bye week. What can I say? I was 13. I can’t defend most of my actions as a 13 year old.

Keeping two tight ends on your roster is like keeping two old beat up trucks. One of them has a really good purpose. The other is just taking up space. Use the bench spot for depth at WR or RB. You need the depth there. Depth at TE is pointless.

Don’t sweat the bye-week. Even if you draft the first and fifth best tight ends, whoever you would pick up for the bye week will fill in for number one almost as well as number five. In 2008, there was a 2.5 point per week difference between the fifth best TE and the twentieth best TE.

Which is to say, after the top tier guys a TE is a TE is a TE.

According to the average draft position, while other guys are taking Chris Cooley in round 8, you could get Jamal Lewis or Julius Jones or Torry Holt or Devin Hester. All of those guys are first on their depth chart and will produce significant points this year. You could wait three more rounds and get Zach Miller, Dustin Keller or Visanthe Shiancoe. And when the bye-week comes around, grab Brandon Pettigrew or Bo Scaife or Vernon Davis to fill in.

If you insist on carrying two TEs, be sure to bring your trapper keeper and English textbook to the draft. Mr. Shaw hates it when you forget your books.

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