Posted by: pberry | August 27, 2009

Twitter Tip of the Day: Tweet and Retweet were in a boat…
If you want someone to retweet you, make sure your message is short enough. You can’t use all 140 characters and expect to be retweeted. Since (via @username) is the longer form of RT, plan for that.

Start with 140.

Take out 7 for the parenthesis, via, @, and the space. That leaves you with 133. Now subtract the length of your username. In my case, pauleberry, I would be left with 123 characters to tweet with if I wanted a retweet.

That said, tweets requesting retweets put me off more often than not. If you want to be retweeted, give me a reason. Be interesting or insightful or hilarious and I’ll do it anyway.

Tweet well, friends!

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