Posted by: pberry | June 18, 2009

We could have won state Here’s a comment I submitted at the KC Star’s Royals blog. The post again laments the Royals being suited for the NL. Personally, I’m tired of that discussion. We’re not in the NL. Maybe it was a bad decision, but certainly not worse than those listed below.

We don’t suck because of one bad decision. We suck because of a decade of bad decisions. This was one of them. Why keep talking about it? This horse is dead! It’s not getting up! Here are some other dead horses we could beat instead:

What would this team be like with Johnny Damon in the lineup?

Or Beltran?

Or Dye?

Or Ibanez?

Or Howell in the pen?

How much better would we be if Angel Berroa were still at short hitting his career worst .234? Seems like a dream now.

What if Tony Pena’s team hadn’t quit on him in 2004?

Or how would Gabe Gross have developed and helped the team instead of Colt Griffin?

Or Adam Wainwright instead of Mike Stodolka?

What if Mike Sweeney hadn’t had a back as crooked as a question mark and he could have maintained his production?

What if we’d signed Paul Byrd and Jeff Suppan were still pitching here?

For that matter, what if we had Leo Nuñez or Ramon Ramirez in the pen instead of Horacio Ramirez?

Seriously. Plugging their stats into this season’s roster and seeing where we would be is not only on the same level of speculation and it would be infinitely more interesting.

Or we could talk about how to make this team work again instead of how we could have won state if the coach had put us in.

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