Posted by: pberry | June 17, 2009

Meche’s shutout and the Royals starters this season Martin Manley (yes, that’s a real name….a really manley name) has taken Bill James’ formula for Game Score and applied it to the Royals starters this year. It’s a fascinating read, especially in light of some really great performances over the last week. Until a week ago, Greinke had the seven of the top ten pitching performances of the year. Now, he’s got just five, with each of the other starters having at least one brilliant performance. Check out Manley’s blog here: Just how good was Meche… again? | Upon Further Review

Perhaps more discouraging: everything else. Relief pitching has been inconsistant, but it’s not totally their fault. The Royals rank sixth in the majors in errors and twenty-sixth in field percentage. Guys on the DL not withstanding, what reason is there to keep a guy on the roster who’s hitting .097 if not for his glove. Yet in 21 games (and just 9 starts) Tony Pena Jr. has 3 errors. Cut him loose. I’m pretty sure we can find a guy who can  play shortstop somewhere. Bloomquist could play there everyday if Aviles was a one hit wonder and we’re much better with Willie in the lineup than when he’s not. We could still plug Hulett or Hernandez into the  lineup when Bloomquist needs to play the outfield. Or, we could go get an everyday shortstop. Maybe a former phenom who is playing in the minors somewhere. Where could we find someone like that? Hmmm….

With only four players hitting above .260 (just six players with a better than .330 OBP), the offense is still in trouble. Miguel Olivo seems to hit the ball a ton when he’s trying to prove something. But put a little faith in him by naming him the regular starter or moving him up in the lineup, and it’s a sure bet that he’s going to hit about .220.

Greinke on the mound tonight. He’s given up eight runs in his last two starts, going 12.1 innings. Not horrific, but not nearly his normal output. I’m hoping for a return to form for the phenom. First pitch is at 6:10 Mountain Time.

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