Posted by: pberry | May 29, 2009

Donald Miller gets in on the game

All of you facebookers that I’ve been telling about Twitter (don’t make me name names, Andre), here’s the best use yet: Donald Miller is going to be printing out several copies of his new book at kinkos and placing them all around the country.

Locations will be distributed via….you guessed it: twitter.

You have to assume that Don had some inspiration for his own wild goose chase.

(For the record, Derek turned 35 here, not 53.)

He’s got 13,293 followers as of the time of the announcement. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t break 15,000 by the time the book comes out. Surprised if it’s not 18,000.

While I’m at it, here are a couple of my favorite Donald Miller things:

Don talking at Seattle Pacific University (free from iTunes U.)

Don pitches a book, it doesn’t quite work out, and finds out that Tolkien’s feet weren’t as hairy as he thought.

Searching for God Knows What, which I enjoyed at least as much as BLJ if not more.

And finally, this little note. Guess I can’t keep it quiet anymore.

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