Posted by: pberry | May 28, 2009

Will you play the game? Over the last few years, Derek Webb has turned the Christian music industry on it’s ear. From gaining a warning label in Christian bookstores for using the word ‘whore’ in the song Wedding Dress to the political protest album Mockingbird, Webb has a Christian voice to those who had sought refuge in secular music for hard political questions.

On May 8th, Webb started hinting at label trouble over content on his new record on Twitter. May 12th saw an email confirming it. On May 19th, Webb sent a cryptic message saying that his label was not supporting him in the release of his new album Stockholm Syndrome and that he’d find a way around it. Laced into the email were underscores, which lead to the code paradiseisaparkinglot. What has followed has been something of a wild goose chase…the funnest wild goose chase ever.

Is this all a stunt to get our attention? Probably. But prophets have used stunts to get our attention since the very beginning. Generally, they’re outrageous, not meant to be taken literally, and full of symbolism. As anyone who has witnessed a flag burning can tell you, symbols are very important.

In an age where Joaquin Phoenix “quits acting” to “start a rap career” and gets followed around everywhere he goes by Casey Affleck, it’s easy to understand why some are skeptical. But Webb has earned this. His body of work says that we can follow along and see where this all leads.

First on the agenda is Webb’s premix edition of “The Spirit Vs. The Kick Drum.” The whole song is found through a series of clues that I’ll let you track down yourself. It’s classic Webb, pointing out our hearts’ desires in contrast to the one true God. If the rest of the album is this good, it may be even better than Mockingbird. Here’s an excerpt:

Like sex without love
Like peace without the dove
Like a crime scene without the blood
I don’t want the spirit; you know I want a kick drum

I don’t want the son; I want a jury of peers
I don’t want the son; I want a jury of peers
Stares go low when you see my tears
I don’t want the son; I want a jury of peers

So play the game. Follow the clues. Put the pieces together. Figure out what Webb’s trying to say through all of this.

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