Posted by: pberry | May 5, 2009

Greinke plays it cool

Royals starter Zack Greinke got a hug from catcher Miguel Olivo after Greinke shut out the White Sox on six hits in Monday night’s game. For fear of this becoming the Zack Greinke blog, here we go.

If you haven’t read the SI cover story from last week on Zack Greinke, go do it. Kid’s overcome a lot and is a beast on the hill. Last night he was asked what he thought about all the talk of him being the best in baseball. Rather than pulling a Jay “I’ve got a stronger arm than Elway” Cutler, dude plays it right:

“I think Johan (Santana) and Roy Halladay are the two best pitchers,” Greinke said. “Without a doubt. You’ve got to do it for at least three years. That’s my (guideline). When you do it for three years, then you can put your name in stuff like that.” (credit: Bob Dutton, KC Star)

You pitch that way for three years, and no one talks about you being the best. It’s a given. Well played.

Greinke now leads the league in wins (6) and strikeouts (54) and is second in innings pitched by .1 innings (45). On fire.

The rest of the pitching staff continues to impress, third in runs surrendered. Farnsworth seems to be calming down a bit, but he seemed to last time he blew up too.

The really good news? ’06 first rounder Luke Hochevar is shutting down everyone in Omaha. He’s 5-0, with a 1.13 ERA and 21Ks. The only question is how long do we wait for someone to get injured before we cut Ponson loose and call him up.

The offense has picked things up in the last few weeks as well. Jose Guillen is hitting nearly .300 and it’s helped the rest of the lineup. The Royals now rank 15th in runs scored.

Things are looking up. This season could really come together.

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