Posted by: pberry | April 30, 2009

Here’s the sick thing and the Gordon Dilemma Congrats to Zach Greinke for making the SI cover this week AND still winning last night AND not having his arm fly to the backstop after the first pitch. Kid can pitch. He gave up two earned runs in seven innings last night boosting his ERA to a whopping 0.50, best in the major league. He’s also sporting a major league best 5 wins and 44 strikeouts (tied with Johan Santana). And in case there was any question about protecting his stats or record, he’s got the third most IP in the league including two complete games. Glad to see Greinke finally getting the recognition he deserves. He’s amazing.

The offense continues to struggle, ranking 24th in the majors in runs scored. While this is a marked improvement (and their 23 homeruns put them in a tie for 11th), it’s usually not enough to be competitive. You might win some games, but eventually your run differential catches up with you.

But here’s the sick part. They are sixth in run differential at +13. Best in the AL Central. Last year, no team in the majors that had a postive run differential finished below .500. Only one team (Houston) managed a negative differential and finished above .500.

The pitching is solid baring injury and any more appearances by Horacio Ramirez or Kyle Friggin’ Farnsworth. With Guillen healthy, this line up is starting coming together. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a tough call when Alex Gordon comes off the DL. Guillen, DeJesus and Crisp have the outfield locked down. Jacobs and Butler will continue to dance at first and DH. Alberto Callaspo just won’t give up on being the everday second basement with a .414 OBP and leading the team in doubles.

That leaves short and third. Aviles is having a rough start to the sophomore campaign, but neither Gordon nor Teahen are suited for the position. And there’s the question: where do you put Gordon? He was hitting .095 when he went on the DL.

Maybe it’s time for a trip to Omaha. Work some things out and come back ready to play. At .095, it doesn’t matter how many minor league awards you won. You’ve got to produce.

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