Posted by: pberry | April 28, 2009

Kid can swing

Not only did the Royals have a great night at the plate last night (Guillen 2 bombs, nice work!) but my friend Andre posted a video of his nearly three year-old son Adrien.

Not only can kid swing the club, but he’s got better form than anyone I’ve ever played with. And he’s not even three years old. It’s simultaneously adorable and unbelievable. Best moment comes at 1:34 when dad takes the camera down range a ways.

I haven’t seen the world golf rankings for the under three category, but I can’t imagine there’s a better golfer at this age in the world.

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  1. i don’t know if i laughed more at the camera operator getting tagged or at the music selection……random. this kid looks great. what’s with the EA sports plug at the end (also random)? either way, i wish i could swing like that.

  2. The EA logo at the end is on the video because Adrien tries to say EA Sports at the end, but he screws up the order of letters, and says ball somewhere in there.
    The music selection was also chosen by him, I wanted the Rudy Soundtrack, but he likes that boom boom pow.
    I also laughed hysterically when I got hit with the ball, I actually laughed like a little girl, and hence the need for the music to dub over that! 🙂 That’s why the next shot I take of him is 50 yards out, and not 25.

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