Posted by: pberry | April 21, 2009

Royals recall Brian Bannister from Omaha

Let’s hope that the first 20 days in Omaha worked it out. Bannister was solid in ’07 and had a rocky ’08. I think he’s got the stuff, but you’ve got to get it going in a game. If he can pitch like he did in ’07, maybe that will keep Kyle Friggin’ Farnsworth off the hill. Tough loss to Texas on Sunday, and it puts a third loss on Farnsworth’s record in five appearances. Dude’s got something going on. This can’t last one way or another.

Who’s not rough? Zack Greinke. He’s now at 34 scoreless innings this season. He’s been in some sticky jams, but the arms in the outfield have managed to keep some runners from scoring from second. Teahen’s situation in the outfield wasn’t ideal, but I’ve seen him make some amazing throws. Alex Gordon wasn’t tearing up the field, but his injury puts Teahen back in the infield. With Teahen and Guillen out of the outfield for a bit, we’ll probably see the ERAs come up a little.

At least the bats are starting to show up. In the last week, they’ve vaulted to 23rd in runs scored (as opposed to 30th) and are 17th in home runs. They haven’t been that high since the Gaetti days. I didn’t like the Mike Jacobs trade at first, but I’m starting to come around. He’s hitting .282 with a .349 OBP, both career bests if they hold up.

Brian Bannister Stats, News, Photos – Kansas City Royals – ESPN

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