Posted by: pberry | March 9, 2009

TO to Buffalo
Is this a good move for Buffalo? Yes. He’ll be a good teammate for one year. He’ll produce the stats to justify the money. And he might even get you another win or two. If either T.O. or Lee Evans is on the board in the fifth round of my fantasy draft, I’m taking him. Hands down.

But will you get into the playoffs with the Tuna, the Rex, and the Hoodie in your division? No. No chance. Buffalo will get 2-3 wins in the division and that’s just not enough to make the playoffs. The other three teams were fighting for playoff spots while the Bills were sorting through the still packed boxes in the basement of the division, wondering if they should retape them and head to Canada.

Sorry Buffalo. He’ll do everything you hope for, except win.

They go nowhere until they make major changes.

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