Posted by: pberry | February 7, 2009

Things that bring me to the boiling point: #1

I’m sitting at my favorite local coffee shop working on Roundtables for tomorrow.

Two women sit down at the table next to me.

They talk about how stupid the people they spend time with are. (“I asked if they read fiction and they had only read one fiction book and it was stupid….and can you believe I was the only one watching the commercials during the SuperBowl? What else is it good for?”)

When their meal comes, they pray for it. (“FatherGodwejustthankyouforthisfoodandthistimewhenwecanjustfellowshipwitheachotherandwithyouandjustpray…”)

They gossip about the people in their church and their neighbors (“You know, the couple that came forward because they lived together before they got married…..And she’s just kind of mousey and I never see her outside.”).

They talk about how awesome Left Behind is. (“And he LIVES in Black Forest. Really? How wonderful!”)

They complain how about noisy it is. (“They just keep running that machine over and over! It is so loud!”)

They get up to leave and embrace.

In their wake is a pile of dirty dishes, an empty tub where they should be, and a bad taste in the mouths of their neighbors.

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