Posted by: pberry | January 15, 2009

Scripture Shock

A response to Patton Dodd’s Text Messages blog about “Scripture Shock“:

This sort of thing has happened to me on many occasions. One might say that if it hasn’t, you’re not paying attention. But it is a matter of perspective as to what shocks you as you read. As a very young conservative, I was bewildered and confused by passages about caring for the poor. “Shouldn’t these people be made to work? Haven’t they read 2 Thessalonians?” In more recent days,it is just the passages that Jeff mentions (especially Psalm 137) have made me uncomfortable.
My pastor, Bill Tibert, speaks often about how Jesus would disorient people then reoriented them. “You have heard it said, but I say to you” sort of thing. The parable of the late visitor and the audacious neighbor is a good example of this. The fact that these passages are still doing this today give me hope. I need to be reoriented. Passages like these keep me thinking, questioning and praying.

Ken Ham-Scot McKnight-Bart Ehrman sliding scale…what do you even say about that? 🙂

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