Posted by: pberry | April 15, 2007

Who are these people?

I suppose I ought to introduce the figures in the header. I’ll go left to right.

That’s Colorado. We live (t)here. I moved here in 2003 and Amy’s lived here since she was in second grade. We like it a lot and don’t foresee moving anytime soon.

That’s me to the right of Colorado. I’m 26. I’m a Christian, though using that label lumps me into a camp I often disagree with. No doubt I’m not the only one who feels this way. I work at a Christian non-profit. I may mention it further, I may not. I work with some really great people and we do some really great work.

That’s Amy, my wife. As you can see, she’s beautiful. What you can’t see is that she’s also  tall and elegant. We met at a church and she turned me down the first time I asked her out. But she was worth the wait. We’ve been married almost two years. She is a nurse and is going back to school to be a nurse practitioner. She’s great.

To the left of that pretty girl is Bella, our puppy. We got her around Valentine’s day when she was just 6 weeks old. She’s growing very fast and is mostly trained. She also has her own blog where she gives her take on the world: Bella’s blog.

So that’s us. Glad to meet you.


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