Posted by: pberry | April 13, 2007

Best CDs Ever (or at least those that I’ve got and listen to and like)

My man Nick the designer wrote a few days back about his favorite albums. He insisted that he would no longer talk about individual songs, but albums as a body of work. And, as Nick so often does, he got me thinking about my favorite albums (and the songs on those albums). Here they are, rest to best:

Honorable mentions: American IV (Johnny Cash), Eyes Open (Snow Patrol), What You Don’t Know (Don Chaffer), Rockin’ The Suburbs (Ben Folds), Robbers and Cowards (Cold War Kids), Live at Luther College (Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds), Weezer (Weezer), Riot on an Empty Street (Kings of Convenience), By The Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Me Died Blue (Stephen Delopoulos)

10. Illuminate (2003)—David Crowder Band is the single most creative artist in CCM, continually evolving their sound to stay fresh. In Illuminate, they married acoustic guitars with electric violins and turntables. Hawt.

9. A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)—Driving, engaging, beautiful from beginning to end. Chris Martin at his finest.

8. Jars of Clay (1995)—Hard to believe this CD is twelve years old now. If it weren’t for Flood being over played, listening to this CD would be even better. But if it weren’t for Flood being overplayed, most of us wouldn’t have found it.

7. Crane Wife (2006)—I don’t know anything about the Decemberists. Anything, that is, but that Crane Wife is incredible. It’s everything I like about indie-rock.

6. Transatlanticism (2003)—It’s tempting to get lost in Ben Gibbard’s very fine songwriting. But without the strong guitar and keyboard, this songs would be lost in the shuffle. As it is, I played it over and over and over and over.

5. August and Everything After (1993)—In seventh grade, I wore cowboy boots and tight jeans. The next year, after Mr. Jones had come and went, I bought this CD. It changed me forever. I’m still not sure anyone has ever felt a song as deeply as Adam Duritz felt Anna Begins.

4. Come On Feel The Illinoise (2005)—I know, I know. How trendy can I be? But have you listened? I mean really listened? Casimir Pulaski Day still makes me bawl and Jacksonville will not leave me alone. This CD haunts me.

3. American Idiot (2004)—Like it or not, this album rocks hard. Everyone did exactly what they needed to on this one. I have no idea how they’ll ever follow this up.

2. Sink Or Swim (1997)—How I only included one Waterdeep album is beyond me. But on Sink or Swim, Don ever sweet vocals are complemented by some of the only songs I really enjoy Lori on. And John Flynn rips it. 18 Bullet Holes and And and Lonely Sometimes and aww, forget it. They’re all really, really good.

1. Mockingbird (2005)—What can I say about this CD? I heard Derek Webb’s first CD and really liked it. After missing House Show and I See Things Upside Down, I stumbled on to Mockingbird. It is a timely, relevant, heart-felt disc that took some heat for straying away from the Caedmon’s Call sound. I still contend that it was necessary to make that move in order to continue the conversation. It is mournful, which is how I am a lot of the time. And, as much as anything, it’s a protest record. And that’s how I am the rest of the time.

So what did I miss? What CDs should I check out?


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